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Development Newsletter 0


Sorry for the recent lack of updates and welcome to the very first issue of monthly Development Newsletter.

State of the game

After a heated discussion with my beta testing friends, I decided to postpone initial release of the game to fix quite a few issues.

We decided to rework pretty much every single scene with better model quality, additional background elements, updated lights and shadows. The reason behind this decision is to make high quality base for future updates. Most of this work is done by now.

Another feature I hope you will really enjoy is a role customization in addition to an existing name customization. You get to decide a role for a romanceable NPCs, for instance, early in game you meet a gorgeous lady, who is she? A friend? A roommate? Or maybe she is your… well, its up to your kinky imagination to decide ^_-.


Main theme for Depraved Affairs is mature ladies/MILF, but there will be also a legal teen girls characters. More kinks and fetishes can be added based on feedback.

Release date

I will do my best to make first version of Depraved Affairs available to public within next month.


I do plan opening a Patreon page together with first release of Depraved Affairs. If you enjoy the game and wish to support its development I would be forever grateful. But I also want to assure you, the game will always be free to play for everyone, do not worry!

Welcome to Minxy Games!


Currently I work on game called Depravity Affairs. First public release will be in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more game related articles, previews and screenshots!